Welcome to the TMS Olympics!

The plan for this year was to get tournaments back to TMS-Gaming, but it is pretty hard to find enough people for a single game which delayed plans on tournaments for quite a bit. But obviously tournaments are super cool to watch and especially exciting to take part in!

Since SARS-CoV-2 is changing the world quite severly at this very point and even the olympic games -- which feature eSports for the very first time -- are moved back for a year, it is the perfect time for TMS-Gaming to host the olympic games themselves.

Join in on the TMS Olympics whenever and as much as you like and win cool prizes doing so!

Current State and Latest Results

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The next discipline of the TMS Olympics is starting on August 8th at 15 UTC being the VALORANT -- sign up until August 6th or watch it live.

In the last discipline of the TMS Olympics -- Gaming Quiz -- SeasaltCrisp managed to slowly get some space in front of No. and lmikijikploijuh who had a fight until the very end for the second place. Overdozed and Tombi lost slowly the keep-up challenge, but overall showed still good results, have a look at the results and the VoD!
Did you know that if you are not up for the next discipline being VALORANT, you can just join at any other time or just watch the disciplines on my Twitch channel?

How does it work and what can I win?

The TMS Olympics features 11 disciplines, mainly game-related and free to join. Some disciplines might require owning a certain game which is not free, but in general we try to keep things as fair as possible. Participants are free to take part in as many disciplines as they like or skip disciplines. Participants are not required to take part in all disciplines, can join during the series as well and are not required to take a single cent out of their wallet to take part.

The disciplines are revealed two weeks before they are taking place in live streams on my Twitch channel and will be cut into videos for my YouTube channel. The participants earn points in each discipline they take part in (1st: 10pts | 2nd: 7pts | 3rd: 5pts | 4th: 3pts | 5th: 2pts | all others "finishing" a discipline: 1pt).

After all disciplines were held, the participants with the most points in total win the following prices:

1st Place

+ Tier 2 Sub on my Twitch (or 2x Tier 1 Subs)
2nd Place

+ Tier 1 Sub on my Twitch
3rd Place

+ Tier 1 Sub on my Twitch

How to take part?

You can join the TMS Olympics at any time you like, just be aware that you might have missed some disciplines (see here) and thus you might start with a disadvantage, but everything is possible and be sure to have a lot of fun!

You and your friends can even sign up as a team! Your team name will be shown in lists next to your name and there will be an own team ladder (but only individuals win the prizes, there are no additional team prizes).

Be sure to read the following detailed rules and information which you agree to without any restrictions when signing up:

  • The rules and rating conditions for each discipline will be set on the Discord once the discipline is revealed.
  • Rules for each discipline are accepted by taking part. Breaking rules can alternate results or disqualify for a discipline.
  • In special occasions which are not defined in the ruleset, TMS will discuss with his referees about the situation and might change results.
  • TMS and his referees have the last words and decide the results. Obviously, these will stick to rules and fairness.
  • Disciplines will always take place in the afternoon (UTC) on Saturdays (usually every 2 weeks).
  • Serious social or playing misbehaviour (heavy trolling, tilting and annoying others as well as mobbing) will disqualify you for the discipline and might, depending on severity, even ban you from the whole series (including possible prizes).
  • Disciplines have deadlines to sign up for; if you miss your chance, you will skip the discipline (skipping is okay and has no penalties); no exceptions.
  • Disciplines have deadlines to sign up for; if you signed up, but you won't take part in a discipline, you will loose 2pts + 10% of your total points to compensate for additional management; no exceptions.
  • You have to play all disciplines you sign up for on your own; bringing in another player to compete for you is not permitted and will be handled with disqualification for a discipline and maybe, depending on severity, the whole series (including possible prizes).

Be sure to read the following notices and agreements which you agree to without any restrictions when signing up:

  • Your username as well as your success in the series (in the form of point listings) are shown on this website.
  • Game disciplines might show you playing including your strategy live on stream and later on in videos.
  • Viewers in chat might make fun of situations which include your actions. TMS, his referees and mods strongly prohibit any form of serious insults though.
  • Viewers might create highlights of situations which include your actions.
  • If you agree on giving an interview, at least your voice (and if you want, your face) will be live on stream and later on in videos.
  • Prices are exactly what they are like listed above; the Steam Gift Cards are valued in Euros and will be exchanged to your currency with the exchange-matching values according to Steam; prices cannot be paid out in cash or other ways.

If you are still unsure about anything, you can join the TMS-Gaming Discord (<< click it) and head to the channel #questions in the Category TMS Olympics where we will answer any questions that still remain.

You can sign up as a participant for the TMS Olympics by following these steps (you accept everything above by doing so):

  1. Join the TMS-Gaming Discord (<< click it).
  2. Navigate to the channel #olympics_signup in the Category TMS Olympics.
  3. Write and post a welcoming message which should at least include your age (only needed for legal purposes, will not be published) and your name which we should use for you during the series (if different than the Discord name). If you want to use the team feature, be sure to state your team name as well and which other teammates already joined!
  4. Time to wait, TMS will validate your entry and send you a confirmation message when done. This step can take up to 48 hours (usually just a few hours).
  5. Check the channel #discipline_signup in the Category TMS Olympics regularly and check out the rules of the next disciple when available and sign up for it.
  6. In the meantime, you can chat and keep yourself up-to-date with other participants in the channel #participant_chat in the Category TMS Olympics.
  7. Take part in the discipline you signed up for and have fun!
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 until you win awesome prices or practise for the next TMS Olympics!

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