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What is Ark: RP Community FundeAd?

It's a new awesome project in Ark: Survival Evolved happening every Saturday and Wednesday live on Twitch. Everyone has an impact on what happens, in chat or on the server, watch announcement and overview to learn more! 

How can I join the TMS Olympics?

All details about the TMS Olympics and how to sign up is described on the website of the TMS Olympics at

Will there be no more streams during the TMS Olympics?

There will still be normal streams during the TMS Olympics, just a little less. Obviously the quality of the TMS Olympics is now high priority. 

What is DDD and why don't I understand the title?

DDD stands for "Deitscha Dienstog und Donnerstog" ("Austrian German Tuesday and Thursday") means that I will do streams on Tuesday and Thursday in my mother's tongue. You can still come in if you are non-German, I will not limit the chat language to German, but it will be my main commentary language. 

Any new information about Moving Out and everything connected to it?

I did it! I moved into my own flat, scary 250km away from home. Not everything is quite done like the desk (but I got a provisional setup for now) and full audio setup. Anyhow, the setup is definitely good enough for more content! Back streaming! 

Will you stop to make Youtube when reaching the Twitch thing?

Short Version: No
Some things only work as videos (for instance: TMS Shorts, Wrong Controls) and will be uploaded to YouTube. Gameplay will be streamed only on Twitch, but replays/episodes/highlights will be available on Twitch and YouTube.
All information can be seen in this video

You reached the Twitch follower goal, Beat Saber when?

Beat Saber streams in Mixed Reality including Mods so you guys can request songs as well are coming more or less frequently starting with March 25th. Gonna be great! 

Plans for 2020?

Check out the Preview 2020 for everything known so far! 

Who won the giveaway?

Of the 120 tickets which were handed in, Ticket #74 won which is from AtzederSerbe. Congratulations! 

Content in December?

Quite mixed actually. Like every December the anniversary stream gonna be a "big thing", another racing event by BudGie is coming up, Boneworks will release so there will be videos as well and we round everything up with the winner announcement of the giveaway (see anniversary stream) and the Preview of 2020! 

when will the next Tournament be? Need to clap some cheeks and win another Nunu skin which I can then lose by getting my account suspended for the 40th time

Tournaments will come back and be more frequent in 2020. Expect the news in the Preview 2020 video shortly followed by the sign-up for the first tournament. 

what can we expect for this year's anniversary?

Everything and nothing. It all depends on the live chat. Drag me back in time to adventures like Ark, force me to show my awesome skill in League, or anything else you want to see again or want to see for the first time. It's in your hands and you will be part of it! 

Plans for 2020?

There are already a lot of plans for 2020. I will only say that its gonna be a lot of content, better quality and better interactivity. Details will come end of 2019 in the "Preview 2020" video. 


I will 

You cancel so many streams and videos this month, what's happening?

I don't know, I can't really tell, but I just don't have that much motivation to do what I scheduled although I was excited for it. And in addition the lack of viewers and the amount of work needed... -- I will try to do more realistic planning from now on. 

Which kind of content can we expect the last three months of 2019?

I will continue the Minecraft Hardcore Season #2 with the Tekkit Legends modpack, will try to climb the ladder in Rocket League, do a lot of Stream'n'Chills with Spyro, Cities Skylines, etc., and the mentioned must-buys for this year will find a spot too. 

Upcoming must-buy games this fall?

Must-buy is definitely Boneworks - still waiting for a precise date of this gorgeous VR game. Else I had a lot of fun with the CoD MW Open Beta and this year's Need for Speed Heat looks quite promising so far. 

Summarized: How was the CoD MW Open Beta?

I pretty much only played the 32v32 mode and it's super fun. Especially the mounting mechanic feels super strategic but still in the usual CoD pace. This mode mixes the best of CoD and Battlefield if you ask me. Huge recommendation! 

What was your worst skill moment in League?

Check this out... 

-p play don't call me up

404 - Brain not found... 

Which (upcoming) games are you hyped for?

The TFT-mode in League of Legends, Boneworks, Cyberpunk 2077, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Fall Guys - Ultimate Knockout 

Will you make photo editing related videos too?

I could do that, if enough people are interested in. Such "work" stuff usually will be published on my private YouTube channel though. 

When will we get a tutorial of how to make Wiener Schnitzel?

Sooner than anyone could imagine...