What is TMS-Gaming?

TMS-Gaming is a gaming group founded on December 11th 2015 by the Austrian YouTuber and Streamer Michael Staudinger a.k.a. TheMiSta92.

On his own, he started to stream content such as League of Legends, Ark Survival Evolved, PUBG and more on YouTube and found friends and strangers becoming friends to stream and record together with. Just a year later, TheMiSta92 decided on widening his potential audience by streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Steam simultaneous using restream.io. On January 23rd 2020, he did a quantity-step back and a quality-step forward, focusing only on Twitch for streaming.

From this day on, TheMiSta92 focuses on offering the best quality and most dynamic content and features fitting that content on Twitch. Since TMS started on YouTube and many popular projects need to be recorded and edited, TheMiSta92 will continue offering content such as VoDs and highlights of streams and those mentioned video projects, tending to get a very big amount of details and love, on YouTube.


What is DDD un'So and why don't I understand the title?

DDD un'So stands for "Deitscha Dienstog, Donnerstog und Sonntog" ("Austrian German Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday ") means that I will do streams on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in my mother's tongue. You can still come in if you are non-German, I will not limit the chat language to German, but it will be my main commentary language. 

Any new information about Moving Out and everything connected to it?

I did it! I moved into my own flat, scary 250km away from home. Not everything is quite done like the desk (but I got a provisional setup for now) and full audio setup. Anyhow, the setup is definitely good enough for more content! Back streaming! 

Will you stop to make Youtube when reaching the Twitch thing?

Short Version: No
Some things only work as videos (for instance: TMS Shorts, Wrong Controls) and will be uploaded to YouTube. Gameplay will be streamed only on Twitch, but replays/episodes/highlights will be available on Twitch and YouTube.
All information can be seen in this video


Wed, May 27th, 17 UTC RAGE LIVE?! Mario Kart 8 Play with me!
Fri, May 29th, 17 UTC ARE WE THERE YET? GIMME BILGEWATER Legends of Runeterra
Sat, May 30th, 15 UTC EPIC HANGOUT Watching Videos Playing Party Games A lot of chilling and fun


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