What is TMS-Gaming?

TMS-Gaming is a gaming clan founded on December 11th 2015 by the Austrian YouTuber and Streamer Michael Staudinger a.k.a. TheMiSta92. The frequency of content is targeted for around 3-4 videos and streams a week, mostly games which TMS feels like playing, but he is very open for audience wishes as well.

The main ingredients of his videos and streams are interaction with the audience, offering the viewers to design and freshen up the content as well as usually either a good or completely underdog skillset in gaming.

A wide variety of games is played, tested and continued for longer, either on his own, with awesome partners or even with the audience.


Content in December?

Quite mixed actually. Like every December the anniversary stream gonna be a "big thing", another racing event by BudGie is coming up, Boneworks will release so there will be videos as well and we round everything up with the winner announcement of the giveaway (see anniversary stream) and the Preview of 2020! 

when will the next Tournament be? Need to clap some cheeks and win another Nunu skin which I can then lose by getting my account suspended for the 40th time

Tournaments will come back and be more frequent in 2020. Expect the news in the Preview 2020 video shortly followed by the sign-up for the first tournament. 

what can we expect for this year's anniversary?

Everything and nothing. It all depends on the live chat. Drag me back in time to adventures like Ark, force me to show my awesome skill in League, or anything else you want to see again or want to see for the first time. It's in your hands and you will be part of it! 


Fri, December 13, 16 UTC Monza Historic with Open Wheeler Lotus 98T Not GT3 Monza Racing Series Event powered by BudGie
Sun, December 15, 16 UTC NEXT-GEN VR GAMING? Boneworks SteamVR
Wed, December 18, 17 UTC ON THE WAY TO SILVER III? League of Legends
Fri, December 20, 16 UTC WHAT ABOUT GUNS? Boneworks SteamVR
Thu, December 26, 16 UTC THINGS ARE STARTING TO BE WEIRD Boneworks SteamVR

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